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  1. Q 01. India's first metro railway service in Kolkata started in the year

  2. (A) 1984
    (B) 1990
    (C) 1992
    (D) 1995

  3. Q 02. India's first all women Post Office is located at

  4. (A) Delhi
    (B) Mumbai
    (C) Chennai
    (D) Patna

  5. Q 03. 'Pravasi Bharatiya Divas' is celebrated in India on

  6. (A) 22nd June
    (B) 12th February
    (C) 29th January
    (D) 9th January

  7. Q 04. French is one of the official language of which union territories

  8. (A) Goa
    (B) Daman and Diu
    (C) Puducherry
    (D) Lakshadweep

  9. Q 05. Which one is the most populated city in India

  10. (A) Delhi
    (B) Kolkata
    (C) Mumbai
    (D) Chennai

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