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Q1.Which is the only snake that builts the nest ?
(A) King Cobra
(B) Rattlesnake
(C) Coral Snake
(D) Golden Tree Snake

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With which sport is the Rangaswamy Cup associated ?
(A) Golf
(B) Hockey
(C) Football
(D) Cricket

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Which element is not present in Sugar ?
(A) Carbon
(B) Oxygen
(C) Hydrogen
(D) Nitrogen

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According to the 2001 Census, what is the sex-ratio (females per 1000 males) in India ?
(A) 927 females per 1000 males
(B) 933 females per 1000 males
(C) 945 females per 1000 males
(D) 950 females per 1000 males

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On the outskirts of which city did renowned Odissi dancer Protima Gauri Bedi found 'Nrityagram' dance school ?
(A) Chennai
(B) Ahmedabad
(C) Bengaluru
(D) Cuttack

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Which train service, covering 3,726 Km. between Jammu Tawi (Jammu & Kashmir) and Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu), is the longest passenger train service in India ?
(A) Maitreyi Express
(B) Matsyagandha Express
(C) Himsagar Express
(D) Samjhauta Express

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What was the former official name of St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia ?
(A) Leningrad
(B) Volgograd
(C) Stalingrad
(D) Byzantium

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Who wrote the ancient Sanskrit play 'Mrichchhakatika' (The Little Clay Cart) ?
(A) Kalidas
(B) Banabhatta
(C) Bhavabhuti
(D) Shudraka

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In which city is the Chhattisgarh High Court located ?
(A) Bhilai
(B) Raipur
(C) Bilaspur
(D) Jagdalpur

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Which British computer scientist is credited with inventing the World Wide Web, popularly known as Internet ?
(A) Adam Osborne
(B) Charles Babbage
(C) Gordon Moore
(D) Tim Berners-Lee

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