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इंग्लिश क्वेश्चन-23

1. Name an alloy that does not contain copper? 
a) brass
b) bronze
c) German silver
d) stainless steel

2. Which one of the following is used for rating diesel oil? 
a) fuel number
b) magic number
c) octane number
d) cetane number

3. By the interaction of chlorine with which of the following is bleaching powder obtained? 
a) dilute solution of calcium hydroxide
b) dry slaked lime
c) concentrated solution of calcium hydroxide
d) dry calcium oxide

4. The growing plants need which of the following elements in the largest quantity? 
a) calcium
b) nitrogen
c) ammonia
d) phosphorus

5. Which of the following is the gas used for refrigeration? 
a) nitrogen
b) oxygen
c) ammonia 
d) chlorine

6. Which acid is present in lemon? 
a) lactic acid
b) citric acid
c) tartaric acid
d) acetic acid

7. Which alloy is composed of aluminium, copper and magnesium? 
a) bronze
b) duralumin
c) magnalium
d) monel

8. Vegetable oils are hydrogenated in the presence of finely divided 
a) alumina
b) nickel
c) charcoal
d) silica

9. A blue glass, when heated, will glow with
a) blue colour
b) red colour
c) white light
d) yellow colour

10. Which of the following is the element least present in the human body? 
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) iron
d) carbon

Answer of Above Questions:-

Question No.     Answer
Q-01      →            d) stainless steel
Q-02      →            d) cetane number
Q-03      →            a) dilute solution of calcium hydroxide 
Q-04      →            b) nitrogen 
Q-05      →            c) ammonia 
Q-06      →            b) citric acid 
Q-07      →            b) duralumin 
Q-08      →            b) nickel 
Q-09      →            a) blue colour 
Q-10      →            c) iron 


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