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इंग्लिश क्वेश्चन - 15

When did the train between Mumbai and Thane run for the first time in India?
(a) April 16, 1853
(b) April 19, 1853
(c) August 15, 1853
(d) Jan 30, 1854

Which was the first railway terminus in Mumbai?
(a) Bori Bunder
(b) Masjid Bunder
(c) Victoria
(b) Bandra

Which is the world’s wettest place in terms of average annual rainfall?
(a) Cherrapunji in Meghalaya
(b) Mawsynram in Meghalaya
(c) Sinhala in Srilanka
(d) Bamenda in Cameroon

Where was the first automatic telephone exchange set up in India?
(a) Shimla in 1914
(b) Mumbai in 1882
(c) Kolkata 1838
(d) Ahmedabad 1953

Between which cities was the first STD line set up in India.
(a) Delhi and Mumbai
(b) Mumbai and Kolkata
(c) Mumbai and Ahmedabad
(d) Lucknow and Kanpur

Which was the first open University to be set up in India?
(a) Andhra Pradesh Open University
(b) Indira Gandhi National Open University
(c) Calcutta Open University
(d) Manipal Open University

The longest wall in India expands over 38.5 km. It was built by Rana Kumbha to prevent the invasion of :
(a) Mughal
(b) Mewar
(c) Greek
(d) Maurya

What are the people of Tundra region in Canada and Greenland called as?
(a) Eskimo
(b) Finns
(c) Canas
(d) Hamits

What is the parliament of Greece called?
(a) Congress
(b) National Assembly
(c) Chamber of Deputies
(d) Parliament

 “Diet” is the parliament of which country?
(a) Japan
(b) Italy
(c) Germany
(d) The Netherlands

Answer of Above Questions:-

Question No.     Answer
Q-01      →            (a) April 16, 1853
Q-02      →            (a) Bori Bunder
Q-03      →            (b) Mawsynram in Meghalaya
Q-04      →            (a) Shimla in 1914
Q-05      →            (d) Lucknow and Kanpur
Q-06      →            (a) Andhra Pradesh Open University
Q-07      →            (b) Mewar
Q-08      →            (a) Eskimo
Q-09      →            (c) Chamber of Deputies
Q-10      →            (a) Japan 


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